What We Do

Smile desing

Having a perfect smile is much more than a white, aligned teeth.
carillas en porcelana
carillas en resina
coronas en porcelana
corona sobre implantes
restauraciones en resina

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Corrects skeletal dental changes by improving self-esteem.

Extracción de cordales

remoción de quistes

Corrección de maxilares


Perform dental treatments without fear, with the help of sedation.


Recover the tone of your teeth so that you look healthy and beautiful smile.


It treats the diseases of the tissues that support the teeth (Bone and gum) in order to prevent them from being lost.

Mantenimiento periodontal

Cirugías de injerto

Cirugía plástica periodontal

Wedding Dentistry

Specialists in smile designs, whitening to make your smile perfect at your wedding.

Dental implants

It is the replacement of missing teeth, feel and function like natural teeth.


Save your teeth and avoid extra expenses with badly done endodontics.

Endodoncia uniradicular

Endodoncia multiradicular


Dentistry specialized in elderly patients.


With our orthodontic treatments, you enjoy healthy and aesthetically surprising teeth.

ortodoncia convencional
ortodoncia estética
ortodoncia de alta tecnología
ortodoncia lingual
ortodoncia sin brackets (invisible)
ortodoncia para diseño de sonrisa
ortodoncia para cirugía maxilofacial
ortodoncia preprotesica

Pediatric dentistry

This specialty seeks to correct dental and maxillary position at an early age.


ortopedia maxilar

Special dentistry

Focus on special patients.


At Odontosur the clinic performs treatments with the efficiency, effectiveness, durability that every smile needs, so it can come with absolute confidence and tranquility. We are specialists in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral rehabilitation, our years of experience are evidenced in the results of each procedure, the total satisfaction of our patients.

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Our clients speak for us


5 warranty reasons
5 reasons that will warranty you an impeccable result in Odontosur

We want you that before choosing, we want to take one minute to think if it is worth to risk your health, for a low cost procedure

1 Quality is the most important

The materials used in the procedures are the best quality in the market.

2 Experience and aptitude

Oun specialist well trained degree, and over 15 years of experience, that will warranty you a successful result.

3 Thousands of harmony and healthy smiles

Odontosur clinic has more than 20 thousand nation wide and foreign patients and over 10 years desinging perfet smiles

4 Technological equipment

We count with laboratories and technologies that allow us to have a perfect initial state of each tooth, even duranting the procedure that is going on, to avoid mistakes and warranty the result of the procedure.

5 Honest and responsible dentistry

Health is first, we conduct an exhaustive analysis that permit us if the patient is or not incondition under go certain procedures.
Payment agreetment

Payment plans

Thinking about our patientes in come we offer them abroad financial alternatives . we accept all credit card

At the initial specialist check up ask for the payment plan, we have according to the procedure.

Foreing and domestic patience

Benefits lodging

Estrategical Location

Country: Colombia. Department: Antioquia. City: Envigado.

We are located at the complex las Vegas which is located in one o the main awenvies near metostation witnin a 5 minutes walk from poblado avenue.

Reference services

Bus route and metro

¡Get in contact witm us from around the world!

Take the option that best fits you we warranty you an immediately answer:

Operator: (574) 444 5959 from Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 8:00pm and Saturdays from 7:00am to 1:00 pm

Web site?

Option “pide tu cita” located on the left far of the screen just click and you´ll get schedule or cancel your appointment.

Tips for your first appointment

  • Be 20 minutes ahead of four appointment
  • Show you id card
  • If youre under medical threat ment lef the asistent know about it
  • You can make your payments cash or carge.
VIP Programs

In Odontosur we come to offer the best service to ur foreign and domestic ptiente, that´s why we have personalized service for all our clients

Our advantages are:

  • Immediate systematic analysis
  • Evaluation No cost with all patients who require the patient.
  • Digital radiography systems.
Nuestro Equipo

Our people

  • Members of the Colombian Society of Orthodontics.

World Federation of Orthodontists.

  • Members of the Colombian Society of Maxillofacial Surgery.

  • Members of the Colombian Society of Periodontics.

  • Members of the Colombian Society of Endodontics.

  • Specialists in the Different Dental Areas.

Recognized in the Region.

  • Member Colegio Colombiano Odontológico.

  • Member of the University of New York

Constantly updated.

Our experts have participated as attendees and as lecturers in national and international congresses and seminars.

Committed to our patients

Our reason for being our patients, as well as their satisfaction, which is why we have the quality committee. We are always in continuous improvement.

High vocation to service

We offer our patients a cordial and warm treatment, always being a priority to solve their requirements.

Social responsability

It is done with the community, starting from the commitment with their oral health. We have paid attention to homeless children through the green house foundation.

Latest technology

The constant updating of equipment, methods and treatments, as a guarantee of excellent results.


We have a comfortable and modern office equipped with advanced technology that allows us to provide a better service.

Adequate schedules for our clients, who require a priority attention.

A staff trained to guide, prevent and control, all that the Oral Health Area requires.
Quienes Somos

HISTORY In 2004, the idea of creating a dentist, private consultant by the Odontologist Cesar Moncada, previously located in the Central-South building of Envigado, arises; This guest did not leave a comment. Was this review helpful? Yes This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC Was this review helpful? Yes View profile Send message Compliment reviewer Report problem with review CHECK RATES!Subsequently, in 2007, the number of patients was increasing, so it was necessary to obtain a more complete and comprehensive space to offer all the services in the different areas of dentistry, for such, the Odontosur clinic changes Its headquarters for the Las Vegas building, seeking to improve health care, well-being and comfort for the patient.At present it is a solid company, in constant growth that has comfortable facilities, 5 offices, staff with a professional group of specialist dentists, teachers and researchers from prestigious universities in the city of Medellín, highly qualified to provide more complete valuation Treatments with innovative standards And high technology; This guarantees optimum results for all users.

Mission To work with honesty and quality, to create from our experience smiles that give confidence.

VIEW In 2020 we will be the most recognized clinic in the metropolitan area and surrounding municipalities for its quality, honesty, professional performance, experience and state-of-the-art technology applied in each treatment.


Responsibility: We act with seriousness, assuming our duties and rights.

Respect: We consider a person as an important being, regardless of their cultural, physical or mental condition.

Trust: We deliver on our promise to deliver the best products and services.

Honesty: Perform all procedures with transparency and rectitude.Coherence: We act accordingly with the ideas and principles that characterize the brand.

Commitment: We fulfill the obligations contracted in each procedure.

Joy: We feel pleasure for our work expressed in the satisfaction of our clients once they finish our work.

Kindness: We serve our users with kind, affectionate and affectionate attitude.

Listen: We put our best attention to the concerns of our beneficiaries to give them assertive answers.


Porque para nosotros es importante cuidar de su salud oral, esperamos que nos llames, nuestro personal está dispuesto a servirle.

Carrera 48 No. 25 AA -Sur 70
Complex las Vegas Of. 506
(+57 - 4) 444 59 59